If this were better written and more profound we might've been tempted to call it The Your Web Server Manifesto.

Helping you change the world. That is what we do. That is what we love to do. Indie film makers. Citizen Journalists. Advertising agencies. Pro bloggers. Non-profits. . . You know who you are. Tearing down . Refusing to compromise your disruptive ideals. We admire your cantankerous creativity. Your passion. You demand a platform that embraces , yet provides the freedom to design, build & deliver your dream. Fast. That platform is Your Web Server.

Your Web Server is your own customized with the tools and technology you need to complete your mission. We heart and his neighbors like , and .

The revolution will be televised digitized. You need fuel to fight. That's what feeds the Your Web Server soul. And though the world may be getting , it's still damn big. No worries. Locate Your Web Server in Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, California or Virginia. You decide where to call home. A high quality corporate grade VPS with the power and scalability to serve your audience and users, no matter where they are or how they connect with you.

With best in breed data centers & network, Your Web Server is a roadmap to the intersection of & the .

Fully configured. Fully operational. And fully supported by humans that feel your pain. We're on this journey together. We build brands. We develop software. When you need help you want to talk with someone who speaks your language. You updated your and a douchey plug-in dealt you a ? We've been there. You're working on implementing to more effectively leverage your advertising inventory? Done that. Your video won't play on a certain mobile device? Got the T-shirt.

What this means is that we've got a pretty decent shot at providing a knowledgeable nudge. Right away. It's relentless personal service. It's old school. It's how we roll.

Your Web Server. Available by referral only. Since 1998. But we're thinking real hard about opening wide. In the meantime, see what we're building at .